A Day in the Limelight: Meet the Frogs is an interview series

14 décembre 2012

Someone with Super OCD requires ORDER in their life. Everything has to match some kind of pattern that they approve of. Lines must be straight, angles must be just the right degree, and the numbers must absolutely match. His expert drug guy is a teenager, his expert counterfeiter is a suburban mother, his expert interrogator is an old man who requires a oxygen tank, etc. Reddington himself, since despite all the criminal and murderous crap he continues to do, he is just too valuable for the FBI to cut loose (and take down). Lampshaded in “The Major” by the judge’s questioning. As long ago as the 1997 Kyoto Agreement regarding climate protection, the problem has focused on the rising rate of greenhouse gas emission resulting primarily from the burning of fossil fuels to meet our increasing demand for energy. The recent Climate March in New York City and around the world was an expression of pent up anger and resistance to the inability or unwillingness of governments to regulate, restrict http://ldgconstruccion.com/pragmatic-adaptation-the-film-did-not-attempt-to-recreate-the/, legislate, and enforce behaviors that continue to add to this serious worldwide health threat. This is not new news, and we have spent too many years debating the question and postponing the answer..

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