Adaptational Heroism: Some of the gods drop their Jerk Ass God

22 janvier 2014

Action Girl: All of the goddesses are this. Adaptational Heroism: Some of the gods drop their Jerk Ass God tendencies from their respective myths. Justified, however, as they draw their power from worshippers Adaptational Villainy: Hel in the game usually had her Split Personality sadism Played for Laughs. In the comics, however, her dark side is played much more seriously and goes to side the third destructive faction due to being pissed at the binding of Fenrir, her brother. Her light side never got screen time. Ancient Grome: It’s revealed in the comic that the Greco Roman gods are known by different names in the borderlands between Asgard and Olympia, for example, Athena calls Mercury as Hermes, while his faithful in one of that borderlands call him as Mercury (his Roman name). Anyone Can Die: Zeus died at the first volume, then Mercury died next. And if the game’s Odyssey 2018 is to be trusted, next in line to die is Chaac at the hands of Ares because he got in the way of hunting Anubis, whom Ares suspected as the murderer of Zeus. All Myths Are True: Just like the game. This is actually the cause of the first War of the Gods since the various pantheons were afraid of losing their followers to another pantheon. Apocalypse How: The god battles are destroying the human realm. Badass Beard: Several of the gods have one. Big, Screwed Up Family: Every god is part of one. Since the various pantheons have split into factions and fighting each other, they’ve only gotten worse. Cain and Abel: Hades helps orchestrate his brother Zeus’ murder Call Forward: Or Call Back, depending on when Athena made Arachne what she isAthena: I don’t much care for spiders

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