As a result, there are some cohesive elements of Fanon in GR

13 octobre 2012

Shipping may be Serious Business, but Ship to Ship Combat is averted in this fandom. Some of these recs have elements of Shane Gooseman/Niko, Zachary Foxx/Eliza Foxx (It’s called “post rescue” in the fandom), and “Doc” Hartford/Maya of Tarkon. The fandom is exceedingly rare in that the ships are taken as a given. As a result, there are some cohesive elements of Fanon in GR fic.

Replica Goyard Bags Oh, and special mention must go to the bronies, one of the few clans to run their own server. Several clan members have named themselves after the “mane six” and maintain Kayfabe, and there’s a word substitution script that forces you to talk like a brony. It’s still one of the better servers. Replica Goyard Bags

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Hermes Replica Handbags The fanatical Judda from Judge Dredd, a cult centered around a former High Judge named Morton Judd, who wanted to use genetic engineering and cloning to pacify the population of Mega City One. After his coup failed, he and his followers escaped into the Australian outback along with a batch of genetic material from the Judge clone banks. They eventually resurfaced during the “Oz” storyarc, having spent the past 30 years breeding an army of Judda to conquer Mega City One. Nearly all of them are wiped out when Dredd teleports a nucelar device into their hideout in Ayers Rock, except for three survivors: Judge Kraken from the “Necropolis” arc and Jonah and Pandora from the “Jihad” audio drama. Hermes Replica Handbags

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