Cut Apart: Used when Sapphire and Steel enter the flat on the

22 décembre 2013

Big “NO!”: Rothwyn. Cut Apart: Used when Sapphire and Steel enter the flat on the top floor of the block, leading to the revelation that the time travellers are not in that flat, but in a replica of the flat located in an invisible capsule on the roof of the building. Driven to Suicide: The occupants of the other experimental capsules resorted to this when faced with no way out. Future Imperfect: The time travellers have nearly every detail correct but they’re about a thousand years out in the matter of common English names. Humans Are the Real Monsters: The revelations about the source of the future people’s technology. Ironic Nursery Tune: The leitmotif for the changeling is a creepified version of the lullaby his mother sang him when he was a baby. Magical Security Cam: Almost averted, as the capsules’ surveillance cameras produce fixed angle images with no zooms or other dramatic trickery except in one sequence, which cuts between Sapphire in Capsule 3 and Sapphire’s image on a monitor screen; the monitor screen image is clearly the same footage with a video effect on it, and includes a dramatic zoom. No Name Given: Rothwyn and Eldrid never refer to their baby by name, and the changeling doesn’t know it either. No Ontological Inertia: When Steel restores the changeling to his proper form, everything the changeling had touched is also restored. Organic Technology: Used by the time travellers. It turns out to be very unhappy about being used for that purpose. Pstandard Psychic Pstance: Rothwyn uses the pstance. Psychopathic Manchild: The changeling, as he’s a baby raised to adulthood and mind controlled by an insane piece of biotech. Veganopia: Subverted. In the future, all humans are vegan, not because of any sense of immorality about eating meat, but because they find animals disgusting and unclean and have exterminated all of them. When Props Attack: Steel being “attacked” by a pillow. Wrong Genre Savvy: Silver is convinced that the changeling is a robot, and tries to dismantle it with disastrous results.

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