Dartboard of Hate: Magnotta hates Falconetti enough to have a

02 février 2013

Brown Note: Apparently in her spare time, Dr. Burton records the mental “death resonances” of monkeys she’s tortured to death in cyberspace, and sends them to Vigo Haman, who sells them on the black market, for who knows what purpose. He also comes up with a viable lead on how the Ripper kills from afar. Cigar Chomper: Magnotta. However, he never seems to smoke them. Cowboy Cop: Magnotta and how. Somewhat justified in that it’s revealed that policemen have become more like bounty hunters. He’s cited as a ‘typical New Breed cop,’ but apparently one who has a bad reputation even among them. Cyber Punk Dark Is Not Evil: Falconetti, if innocent. Possibly subverted if Catherine is the killer. The reason she killed the victims is because one of them had killed her mother; Falconetti was on her hit list and most of the evidence points to him (again, only if Catherine is the Ripper). Dartboard of Hate: Magnotta hates Falconetti enough to have a photo of him used as a dart board. And all of the thrown darts landed at his head instead of the obvious printed bullseye in his torso. Digital Avatar: Quinlan’s is a simple looking green putty CGI man that absorbs software into its rubbery head. If other people are around, though, he appears as his real self, except with a plastic looking effect on top. Dirty Cop: Magnotta. He’s not explicitly on the take, per se, but he’s about as unethical as you can possibly get, seems more interested in covering up the Ripper case than actually solving it, and is one of the possible suspects. It’s also stated that he gets away with his more questionable actions by giving a piece of his bounties to the police chief. Donut Mess with a Cop: The desk sergeant has one on his desk, sometimes. Dr. Jerk: Claire Burton Everyone Went to School Together: The three prime suspects all used to be in the same hacker gang before growing up and going their separate ways. Evil Versus Evil: Dirty Cop Vincent Magnotta versus the Ax Crazy Joey Falconetti. And depending on the ending, one or both of them is also part of the hunt for the new Jack the Ripper. Extreme Graphical RepresentationSpoony: In the future, you won’t just enter in a text web address, you’ll be forced to wander around the hellish virtual landscape of MORDOR!

Other Sky branded TV services are available in Italy and Germany; a similar service is available via both cable and satellite in Australia called Foxtel (up until the 2013 split of Murdoch’s entertainment and print assets, they also owned NDS, the people who made the encryption software; hence the services also share similar equipment and on screen guides). The plan called for a 108 channel service with HDTV capabilities and 12 to 18 inch satellite dishes to be launched by 1993. However, due to NBC and Fox both fearing upset affiliates if they were to provide their feeds, cable providers not wanting the operation to carry cable networks, and News Corp’s financial drain related to BSkyB and Murdoch’s acquisition of TV Guide http://ronpajaklcsw.com/?p=2653, the project was abandoned by early 1991. (Hughes would later launch their own service, DirecTV in 1994 (since acquired by AT News Corp. from 2003 to 2006 held a 38% stake of DirecTV, several of DirecTV’s foreign operations use Sky branding, and DirecTV also owns some former Fox Sports Networks stations under the branding of Root Sports.) 1996 saw the planned American Sky Broadcasting or ASkyB, a joint venture between News Corp. and MCI Communications. At one point, a merger between EchoStar owners of Dish Network and ASkyB was near completion (with plans calling for Dish Network to be rebranded as Sky), but the merger fell apart for various reasons, including Congressional opposition to ASkyB’s planned carriage of local TV stations and EchoStar’s founder Charlie Ergen repeatedly clashing with News Corp. executives. The satellites were sold to PrimeStar (which had briefly planned to merge with ASkyB, but did not due to the cable operators who owned Primestar unable to come to an agreement), who planned to use the satellites but went out of business shortly after (the assets went to DirecTV). Meanwhile, the 110 degree orbital slot and the uplink facility in Gilbert, AZ were sold to EchoStar, who would use the orbital slot to launch their new Dish 500 service.

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