In the music video, she outright has sex with him in the

19 janvier 2014

To the Batpole!: The cast uses a network of unbelievably cool slide like tubes to travel between areas of the ship. Thanks to TECHNOLOGY they can slide up just as easily as down. One episode even had the ship malfunctioning so two of them got stuck in the tubes all day. Translator Microbes: Harlan is given a potion by a tribe of aliens who think he’s their king to allow him to understand them. Not only was language never an issue before or after but language poses no problem for the others when they show up to rescue him. True Companions: Andromedans are born in hatcheries and raised without a family. The Christa’s crew is Radu’s first experience of what families are like. Too bad it’s a dysfunctional one. Uranus Is ShowingBova: I hate being from Uranus! I’m the butt of every joke!

Gratuitous Spanish: Seems to be a minor theme, with Jenny randomly using “amigo” for Jenny’s boyfriends and Eros and Apollo using “se to refer to the girls chasing the eponymous pair, as well as calling them ‘sweet lolita’ a popular term of endearment. Indirect Kiss: In the “Jenny” video, Cherry licks some lipstick Jenny had just used. Intercourse with You: The lyrics to “Ode to the Bouncer” seem to imply that Cherry wants to either fight the bouncer to get in or sleep with him to get in, going back and forth between seducing and outright insulting him. In the music video, she outright has sex with him in the alleyway and sneaks into the club through the bathroom window while he’s not looking. Magic Skirt: Though this trope doesn’t always apply in the art, Cherry’s skirt in “Ode to the Bouncer” outright defies physics to keep her just barely covered. Probably for the best, since she mentions in the lyrics she’s not wearing knickers. Male Gaze: There’s a lot of close shots of Cherry’s breasts, butt and legs in the “Ode to the Bouncer” video. Medium Blending: Cherry is always rendered in CGI, while Dyna, Goldie, and The Bouncer are all 2 D illustrations. The video for “Eros and Apollo” adds pixel art to the mix. Ms. Fanservice: The way Cherry proudly struts her stuff in so many skimpy outfits makes her specifically a Shameless Fanservice Girl. Never Trust a Title: “All Men are Pigs” is deceptive because of the title and the mascot. The song appears to be about a woman singing about how all men are pigs in a fairly sexist way. However, the actually singer is male and the line “all men but me,” indicates that the song is actually about a male trying to pick up a woman by using the old clich in a hypocritical way. This, obviously, completely changes the meaning of the song. One Woman Song: “Jenny” Only Sane Woman: Cherry seems to regard herself as this in comparison to her “crazy, dirty, stinky” animal bandmates. Retraux: The video for “Eros and Apollo”. Even Pac Man makes an appearance! Robosexual: “In Tokyo”. I made out with/made love to a robot. Sex for Services: It’s pretty obvious how Cherry attempted to get into the club in the Ode to the Bouncer video. Sexy Walk: Cherry at the start of the “Ode to the Bouncer” video. Shout Out: In response to a fan asking them what they thought about fellow cartoon band Gorillaz, Cherry quipped that they “look like they know how to have a good time.” Cherry apparently has a Nitemare Bronie.

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