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23 décembre 2012

Fate/Zero shows us the consequences of not doing it: after drinking a potion that transformed her in a vampire, Kiritsugu’s childhood friend Shirley begged Kiritsugu to kill her while she was still capable of resisting her instincts, but when Kiritsugu couldn’t go through it (opting instead to ask the local priest for counsel) she caused a vampire outbreak that claimed everyone on the island but Kiritsugu and his father. The experience, including the Church and the Mage Association killing all the vampires and burning down the place and having to kill his own father for experimenting on vampirism, was Kiritsugu’s Cynicism Catalyst: since then Kiritsugu never hesitated to pull the trigger whenever necessary, and when he got to choose between shooting down a plane with his mother surrogate and a horde of ghouls on it and risking it to cause another vampire outbreak he immediately shot down the plane.

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Hermes Replica Bags Dabura is heavily based on Satan, being the ruler of a demon world and otherwise looking demonic. He is incredibly powerful, and faces off against Goku’s son Gohan, which is fitting since Gohan plays the Messianic Archetype for much of the series. Despite his Demon King status Dabura is still bound to the smaller of stature Babidi, though he seems very willing to help the evil wizard’s goals. When he was killed by Buu, King Yemma was faced with a hard decision, since sending Dabura to Hell would be exactly what Dabura wants. On a whim, he sent Dabura to Heaven which Dabura would hate, meaning it was a better punishment, but hilariously being in Heaven completely reforms Dabura to an extreme degree Dabura also appears in Sand Land as Lucifer, the father of the main protagonist Hermes Replica Bags.