When the rig blew up, it was in the final stages of shutting

17 décembre 2013

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Replica Goyard Bags About how fast can you go, how deep can you go, how quickly can you get to the next one, he said. had been commended and rewarded for our production capacity. We could drill faster than everyone. That mentality was rewarded by Transocean and BP all the way down to the lowest guy. We would get well bonuses for completing wells ahead of schedule, on schedule or with no lost time incidents. meant that proper maintenance wasn done, he said. rig was so broke and in such a state of disrepair, ultimately that is what led to the disaster, he said. Indeed, the Macondo exploratory well was supposed to be the rig last job before heading to a dry dock to be fixed. When the rig blew up, it was in the final stages of shutting down the well. Replica Goyard Bags

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